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UEI’s ability to conduct rigorous and actionable research starts with listening to our educators. It continues by keeping our local education stakeholders involved in discussions about the research as it unfolds. 

We aim to build a body of coherent research that builds upon itself over time using different methods and data.

We believe meaningful change in education practices and policies requires a steady drip of research, with each study penetrating more deeply a community’s beliefs.

We also believe a combination of research designs, methods, and data are best at getting closer to the objective truth. 



UEI embraces Improvement Science as the means to help campuses and school systems learn to improve. In Improvement Science, teachers are placed in the driver's seat as they improve school practices. Improvement Science embraces a process for improving instead of a one-size-fits-all, magic bullet solution, focusing on real problems and real solutions. Interested in bringing Improvement Science to your campus or district? Contact us by emailing matthew.singleton@utsa.edu, and learn more about our work and services by clicking below.

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Current Improvement Science Project
Follow along and see the work being done in our current Improvement Science partnership with the CAST Schools Network, as a team of teacher-leaders works to improve student engagement for students participating in distance learning due to COVID-19.
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