UTSA Urban Education Institute

The mission of UEI is to provide equity-focused and impactful research, evaluation, and training in collaboration with community-based research-practice-policy partnerships on issues that inform and influence educational and workforce-related policies, experiences, and outcomes.


- To answer critical questions regarding the problems and challenges associated with educational achievement and workforce mobility for all populations including those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds;
- To produce and disseminate rigorous applied research;
- To actively pursue and maintain research-practice-policy partnerships designed to identify, study, and promote data-driven evidence-based practices for continuous improvement;
  • Area districts/schools
  • Area higher education institutions
  • Statewide consortiums
  • City offices
  • Nonprofit agencies
- To collaborate with other researchers (UTSA, external) to engage in research aligned with UEI's mission and goals;
- To serve as a research incubator and training lab designed to promote the development of researchers engaged in work aligned with UEI's mission and goals;
- To provide grant administrative support for UTSA researchers engaged in sponsored projects aligned with UEI's mission and goals.